Thinking Of Doing Your Own Gas Fitting? Stop And Read This!

Are you thinking about doing your own gas fitting work? Think again. Unless you are a licensed professional, you’re legally not allowed to perform any gas work. So, what are you supposed to do when you need help with gas fittings in Melbourne? Fortunately, Your Local Plumbing & Drainage provide comprehensive, high-quality gas fitting services with a $0 call-out fee. We’ve thought of a few things we thought you should know about gas and plumbing, so read on to learn why it’s always safer to hire a gas plumber in Melbourne.

Are Your Gas Fittings Safe? How To Tell If You Need Gas Fitting Services

A lot of people often ask whether or not their gas fittings in Melbourne are safe. A few telltale signs will let you know when it’s time to call a gas and plumbing expert.

  • Is there any corrosion? Check all your gas fittings for signs of decay, rust, deterioration, or damage. If you spot any, make sure to get it fixed as soon as possible.
  • Do regular leak checks. It’s important to check your gas fittings for any leaks, especially if you don’t have a great sense of smell. To do a leak check, simply follow these steps;
    • Step 1: Fill a spray bottle with detergent and water.
    • Step 2: Make sure your gas is switched on.
    • Step 3: Gently spray the mixture onto the meter or cylinder fittings, connection pipes or regulator hose, the regulator, and the connection point to your device, home, or business.
    • Step 4: Look for any bubbles from the cylinder or meter through to the connection point. If you spot any bubbles, you have a leak, so turn the gas off immediately. Remember to clean the soapy water off the gas fittings.
    • Step 5: Call Your Local Plumbing & Drainage so we can come out and take a look. Don’t use your gas again until we’ve given you the all-clear.
    • Step 6: If you’ve completed your check and there were no leaks, wipe off all the soapy water with clean water.
  • Trust your nose. If you smell sulphur (it’ll probably smell like rotten eggs), you might have a gas leak. Because natural gas has no scent, gas companies add ethyl mercaptan to create a distinctive smell, allowing you to detect when there’s a gas leak in your home. So, if you smell gas, don’t brush it off. Turn off the gas and call for help.
  • Get your system regularly serviced. The best way of knowing whether or not your gas fittings are safe is to organise regular maintenance. At Your Local Plumbing & Drainage, we’re experts in gas fitting services, so we can make sure your gas system is 100% safe to use.

Why Should You Leave Gas Fitting To The Professionals?

Aside from the legality aspect, there are several reasons why it’s best to leave fitting and maintenance to your gas plumber in Melbourne.

  • We know what we’re doing. The Your Local Plumbing & Drainage team have years of experience providing gas fitting services, so we understand what to look for and the best way to fix your gas issues.
  • Gas fitting is dangerous. Gas is such a volatile fuel source, and one little mistake can result in injuries for you, the people around you, and damage to your property. You need special qualifications to work with gas for a reason, so if you don’t know what you’re doing, step away from the gas line.
  • We offer a guarantee. At Your Local Plumbing & Drainage, we’re confident in our workmanship. That’s why we offer a lifetime warranty on our work. If anything goes wrong or you’re unhappy with the results, give us a call, and we’ll discuss alternative solutions.
  • We’ve got all the right tools. Even if you had an idea of what needed to be done to your gas fittings, you probably don’t have all the equipment you need to make repairs or upgrades. The Your Local Plumbing & Drainage team have everything we need to get the job done well.
  • We might be able to look at other areas of your home. Your Local Plumbing & Drainage can help with plumbing, hot water systems, and gas fitting services, so we can recognise issues you mightn’t have noticed yet and bring them to your attention.

Why Choose Your Local Plumbing & Drainage?

There’s no one better in the western Melbourne suburbs than the team at Your Local Plumbing & Drainage when you need gas fitting services.

  • Our customers love us. Our reviews speak for themselves. We love opportunities to put our customers’ minds at ease and have a friendly chat. We believe that communication is the key to delivering excellent customer service, so we won’t keep you in the dark about your plumbing situation.
  • You can rely on us. At Your Local Plumbing & Drainage, we’re committed to providing a punctual service to each of our customers. You can depend on us to turn up on time and get the job done.
  • We offer a wide range of professional services. From burst pipes and blocked drains to gas leaks and hot water system repairs, there isn’t much the team at Your Local Plumbing & Drainage can’t do. We’re proud to provide a professional service and high-quality results that comply with Australian standards every time.
  • No nasty surprises. At Your Local Plumbing & Drainage, we’re committed to honesty and transparency. That’s why we provide a $0 call-out fee and a fixed price quote before any work is done. We want you to have confidence that the price you agree to is the final price, with no hidden costs or surprises.
  • You can contact us for emergencies 24/7. No one understands emergencies quite like the Your Local Plumbing & Drainage team. We know that when the worst happens, it doesn’t usually wait until 9 am on a weekday. That’s why we offer a fast 24/7 emergency plumbing service.

When You Need Gas Fitting Services, You Can Rely On Your Local Plumbing & Drainage

With over ten years of experience, 24/7 emergency plumbing services, and the friendliest service around, it’s no wonder Your Local Plumbing & Drainage are the first point of call for so many in the Melbourne area. We’re proud to say that we’re committed to honest and transparent communication, professionalism, and delivering speedy services when and where you need them. If you need gas fitting services, contact Your Local Plumbing & Drainage and get a plumber you can rely on.

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