Do You Have A Leaking Tap? Here’s What You Need To Know

A leaky tap isn’t always seen as an emergency. After all, it’s not causing any immediate damage aside from being a little bit annoying. However, putting off a leaking tap repair could be very costly in the long run, so you really shouldn’t ignore it. The team at Your Local Plumbing & Drainage are here to help you with your leaks and plumbing issues, and we have a few reasons why you shouldn’t put off tap repairs for too long.

The Drip That Just Won’t Stop: Common Causes Of Leaking Taps

Whether your bathroom tap is leaking, your laundry tap is leaking, or your shower mixer tap is leaking, if the drip, drip, drip is driving you crazy, you might be wondering what’s causing it.

  • Worn out cartridge. The cartridge is the valve that controls the flow of water to the faucet, and if it’s worn out, it may be causing the tap to leak. You’ll need to replace the cartridge to stop the drip.
  • Water pressure issues. If you notice the leak gets worse during a certain time of the day or when you use other plumbing like the toilet or the washing machine, the leak may have something to do with your water pressure.
  • Old washers. The washer rests against the valve seat, which connects the spout to the faucet. There’s usually friction between these two parts, which can cause the washers to wear down over time.
  • O-ring issues. If your sink handle is leaking, it’s likely an issue with the o-ring. The o-ring is the small disc that holds the handle of the faucet in place.
  • Corroded valve seat. Over time, sediments and minerals build-up, causing the valve seat to corrode. These sediments also erode seals around the taps, which could also be causing leaks.
  • Incorrectly installed taps. If someone has done a DIY job on your fixtures, they may have installed them incorrectly, resulting in leaks. The Your Local Plumbing & Drainage team can take a look and make sure your taps are installed and working properly.

Is A Leaking Tap A Plumbing Emergency?

You might not think a leaking tap is an emergency as it doesn’t have the same urgency as a burst pipe, but leaks are a serious problem in their own way. Here are a few reasons why you should treat your leaking taps as an emergency.

  • It could damage your home and plumbing. Taps leak sometimes, and you may just focus on the immediate frustration of having to clean up the puddle around your basin and listen to the dripping at night. However, that leaking tap could be causing structural damage to the floors, walls, and foundations of your home without you being any the wiser.
  • They could be dangerous for your health. The leak itself isn’t a concern to your health, but the mould, mildew, and bacteria that build due to the leak and stagnating water could pose a real threat to you and your family.
  • It’s costing you money. If you sat down to do the math of how much that leaking faucet is costing you, you’d run out to find a plumber immediately. The longer you leave it, the more money you’re watching go down the drain… literally.

Why Should You Leave The Leaking Tap Repair To The Experts

You might do a bit of DIY work and think you can handle a leaking tap on your own, but there are a few reasons why you should leave that kind of work to the professionals.

  • Lifetime guarantee. At Your Local Plumbing & Drainage, we’re pretty confident that we deliver some of the best quality workmanship in the area. That’s why we offer a lifetime warranty and guarantee with our work. You won’t get that if you fix the tap yourself!
  • Professionals can assess for further damage. Depending on the leak’s location and how long the tap has been leaking, it may have caused damage to your property. The experts at Your Local Plumbing & Drainage will be able to look over the area and make sure everything is safe, as well as taking care of the leaking tap repair.
  • Check the thermostat. A broken thermostat is a common culprit for lack of hot water, so check and see what temperature it reads.
  • We have all the right tools. By hiring professionals, you won’t have to run out to the hardware store to buy the right wrenches and parts to repair the leak yourself. We already have everything we need to handle the job quickly and efficiently.
  • Save yourself time. Do you have the time to stand around Bunnings, figuring out which parts to buy before going home and learning how to fix the issue with a YouTube tutorial? It could take hours! Your Local Plumbing & Drainage can have the problem sorted out in no time at all.

Call Your Local Plumbing & Drainage For Help With A Leaking Tap Repair In Geelong

With over ten years of experience, 24/7 emergency plumbing services, and the friendliest service around, it’s no wonder Your Local Plumbing & Drainage are the first point of call for so many in the Geelong area. We’re proud to say that we’re committed to honest and transparent communication, professionalism, and delivering speedy services when and where you need them. If you need a leaking tap repair service, contact Your Local Plumbing & Drainage and get a plumber you can rely on.

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