What You Need to Know About $99 Drain Cleaning Service

When you come across promotions for 99 dollar Drain Cleaning in Melbourne, it’s wise to approach such offers cautiously. While low-cost drain cleaning specials might seem appealing, there are usually major catches to these bargains or critical services excluded that can wind up costing you later.

As your trusted local plumbing provider for over 10 years, we want to take a closer look at what exactly these basement-price drain cleanings actually cover (and perhaps more importantly, what they don’t). Our aim is to assist customers in understanding precisely what they are paying for when hiring any plumbing professional.

Who Offers these Cheap Drain Cleaning Services?

When selecting a drain cleaning company, be sure to consider pricing as well as experience and capabilities. Many affordable options are newer, smaller companies aiming to build market share. Focus your search on insured, licensed companies with proven experience handling all types of drain problems, not just the lowest bid. Skilled drain professionals invest heavily in mastering their trade, owning quality gear, and covering risks – expect prices to reflect that.

What’s the Catch? Watch For Hidden Fees

Also, companies promoting cheap rates of 99 dollar drain cleaning often pile on numerous fees after arriving which include but are not limited to:

  • Access charges
  • Diagnostic fees
  • Travel fees
  • Labour fees
  • Machine rental fees
  • Difficult access upcharges

It’s very common for the final tab to end up 2 to 3 times the stated promotional price after various unavoidable add-ons. Some shadier operators even fine print that the 99 dollar Drain Cleaning in Geelong only includes a basic “drain clearing”. This means they might poke through the immediate clog but won’t thoroughly clean full pipe lengths or ensure proper drain line function. Any additional cleaning is billed hourly atop their low rate.

Upselling: Turning $99 to $300

Some companies also utilise $99 drain cleaning ads primarily as bait-and-switch opportunities. While a technician rushes through a fast clearing, they then pressure homeowners to purchase expensive add-ons like pipe camera inspections or hydro jetting – whether the customer needs these services or not.

The Your Local Plumbing Difference

To remove the guesswork out of cleaning your drains and the stress of finding the best value, turn to the professionals at Your Local Plumbing. When you choose us for drain cleaning, here is what you can expect:

Flat-Rate, Upfront Pricing

We provide flat-rate pricing on all drain cleaning jobs which we will quote upfront before starting work. Unlike companies that charge by the hour, our fixed pricing brings consistency so you know what to budget for services. This also enables us to offer competitive rates compared to other area plumbers.

Honest, Transparent Work

With over a decade proudly serving this community, we have built our plumbing business on transparent, ethical work. When we provide a quote, there are no hidden charges later. We also won’t try upselling services after starting work – a tactic less reputable companies use.

Long-Lasting Drain Cleaning

We don’t just clear immediate clogs, we thoroughly clean entire drain lines. Our high-powered equipment like hydro jetters can scour away years of buildup. This gives drains the best defense against future clogs while restoring full flow.

Industry-Leading Equipment

As a local plumbing leader, we invest in the latest tools and technology to deliver unmatched results. Our hydro jetting systems, drain cameras, and sewer machines are simply more powerful and effective than smaller operators. This means we can tackle the toughest drain issues other plumbers can’t.

Our Promise to You

Finally, our work is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee along with best-in-industry warranties. This gives you confidence in hiring us for any plumbing job – whether it’s a simple drain cleaning or a complex pipe repair.

When searching for a “no surprises” drain cleaning service in this area, Your Local Plumbing has built a reputation for fair, fixed-rate services.

The Bottom Line

In summary, be wary of fly-by-night operators using unrealistic rock-bottom rates to hook customers. Understand precisely what IS and what IS NOT covered before signing up for any 99 dollar Drain Cleaning in Melbourne. For reliable drain cleaning performed right the first time by established local experts, call Your Local Plumbing at 1800 962 224 or contact us online.

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