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Emergency Plumbing Melbourne

5 Reasons For Emergency Plumbing In Melbourne


Murphy’s Law says that when a plumbing emergency occurs, it will almost always be outside the office hours of 9-5 Monday-Friday. That’s why it’s a relief to know you have someone to call for emergency plumbing in Melbourne when you need it. Your Local Plumbing & Drainage are your go-to for 24/7 emergency plumbing services. We’ll get to you as quickly as possible so you can get back to the routine of your day-to-day faster. So, what constitutes a plumbing emergency? 

Blocked Drains

Trust us when we say you’ll know all about it if you have a blocked drain! There are a few signs that’ll tell you when it’s time to call for emergency plumbing repair.

● Bad smells. If foul odours are coming from your drains or sinks, it’s a sign you have a blocked pipe. 

● Slow-draining water. If the water is taking forever to drain, or it isn’t draining at all, there’s probably a blockage somewhere in the plumbing. 

● Strange noises. Any rattling, gurgling, or banging noises coming from the pipes are a sign you should get them checked by a professional. 

● Unusual toilet water level. If the toilet water is higher or lower than usual, it could be due to a clogged drain. 


Burst Pipes

A burst pipe is the very definition of a plumbing emergency, and you should call for emergency plumbing in Geelong as soon as possible. If you leave it for too long, it might; 

● Create a significant bill. All that wasted water is costing you money, so make sure you turn off your water main as soon as you notice the leak. If you can’t access your water main, organise emergency plumbing services as soon as you can. 

● Damage your property. Depending on the location of the pipe, it has the potential to cause serious damage to your home and possessions. 

● Damage your neighbour’s property. If you see the potential for the burst pipe to damage your neighbour’s possessions, make sure you let them know once you’ve called a plumber. 


No Hot Water

If you lose access to hot water, that counts as a plumbing emergency, especially in the middle of winter. Here are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the problem before calling Your Local Plumbing & Drainage. 

● How much hot water have you used? If everyone in your household has had lengthy hot showers, your hot water system may just be empty. Give it a few hours and see if the water heats up again. 

● What does your hot water system run on? If your unit is electric, make sure it’s plugged in and switched on. If it’s gas, ensure the pilot light is still lit. If you use solar energy, ask yourself how much light the panels may have received. 

● Check the thermostat. A broken thermostat is a common culprit for lack of hot water, so check and see what temperature it reads. 

● Is your system leaking? While some models of water heaters release small amounts of water regularly, there shouldn’t be too much water on the ground. If there are large puddles, call an emergency plumbing repair service. 



Flooding can cause significant damage to your home and possessions. If you see experience flooding caused by the plumbing in your home, make sure to call Your Local Plumbing & Drainage as soon as you can. In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to begin the recovery process. 

● Turn off the power and water. If you turn off the water, it’ll prevent any further damage to your property. Only turn off the power if it’s safe to do so to prevent electrical hazards. 

● Take photos. You need to document the damage for your insurance claim, so take plenty of pictures of structural and content damage. Make sure they’re clear, high-definition images. 

● Dress appropriately. Depending on the level of flooding, you may need to change your clothes. Make sure you cover all your exposed skin and wear enclosed shoes. 

● Call your insurance provider. Before you touch anything, make sure to call your insurance company. If you move something that wasn’t meant to be touched, it may void your insurance policy, so make sure you check with them first. Tell them the extent of the damage and outline your recovery plans. 

● Get rid of the water. Start moving water outside the property and get rid of clothes, food, and linens affected by the flood. Put anything salvageable outside in the sun. 


Gas Leaks

If you smell gas, you need to address it immediately. Unchecked gas leaks are hazardous, so follow these steps; 

● Turn off your gas if it’s safe to do so

● Extinguish all flames and refrain from lighting cigarettes or matches

● Don’t use any electrical switches

● If the smell is inside, open all windows and doors to ventilate the area

● Keep family, neighbours, and pets away from the affected area

● Call your gas provider and alert them to the issue

● Call Your Local Plumbing & Drainage for emergency plumbing in Geelong


Call Your Local Plumbing & Drainage For Emergency Plumbing In Melbourne

With over ten years of experience, 24/7 emergency plumbing services, and the friendliest service around, it’s no wonder Your Local Plumbing & Drainage are the first point of call for so many in the Melbourne area. We’re proud to say that we’re committed to honest and transparent communication, professionalism, and delivering speedy services when and where you need them. For emergency plumbing in Melbourne, contact Your Local Plumbing & Drainage and get a plumber you can rely on. 

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